Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh What Fun

Christmas was wonderful! Here are the highlights:

Puzzles with Grandma Connie ; DeLiCioUs lasagna and holiday treats ; Bella

crawling!! ; Sister Madi's 20th birthday - dinner at Cheesecake Factory...mmm ; ....

.... Christmas day bike ride in 75 degree weather ; Madi wearing her onsie pajamas I gave

her! haha ; Laughing at Grandma Connie for talking to herself all the time - "Oh

now, let me think...Now I'm gonna do this...Oh don'tcha know" ; Watching Glee with my

awesome sisters Madi and Savanna ; ...
... Universal Studios all day with my sisters, where we got soaked on a ride, then

visited the 'People Dryer', got flipped off by a 10 year old kid, and helped an old lady

put her shoes back on...what FUN we had! ; and last but certainly not least,

spending Christmas with the two loves of my life: Bella and my amazing husband Ty!


  1. i LOVE bella's striped tights. With legs like those you GOT to show them off :) She's a doll!! Merry Christmas Henrie family! It looks like everything is warm and fun in Florida!!

  2. Love the pictures! We could use a little 75 degree weather out here in Utah! Glad you guys are loving it out there!

  3. Man, I want to kiss her little cheeks! Please call and tell me how to do the collage of pictures, I am still so lame at all this blogging stuff! Oh ya, you need to change my link, I am not posting to my regular blog, only my adoption blog now! Yippee!!!

    So I definitely think Mykel and I should come to Florida, when is a good time to visit??? For REALS this time!


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