Thursday, October 8, 2009

P.S. We're MOVING!

In case you're hearing this for the first time...SURPRISE!!!

Have I packed?


Am I excited?


Sad, too?


I don't know why I'm typing like that. Anyway...

Reason #1 for moving: Why not?
Reason #2: So Ty can jump start his career into video game-making.
Reason #3: Cuz my parental units just can't WAIT to have their daughter living at home again! Duh! Okay, really, the only reason they'll tolerate me again is because I have leverage - That leverage is a little thing I call Bella.

So for now we're going to move in with my parents and see where this takes us!

PS. Ty is entering his most recent game prototype into an online competition, and he will need your votes to make it to the finals! It requires a quick registration (name and a junk email), so be on the look out. I'll post the link as soon as it's ready! Thanks!

Here's our newly squealing Bella.


  1. simon and i just watched your bella video, and he was grinning and reaching for the screen the whole time. i think he may have a crush on your super cutie pie! :) good luck with the move back down south and living with the parents :) we just did that whole experience... good luck. :)

  2. "Why not?" is always my reason for moving! I'm bummed I'm going to miss you when I'm in Utah. Thank goodness for blogs. xo

  3. thats not any closer to me!! is dallas on your way?? you could stay with us on your way out!!!

  4. Bella is trying to talk, already!!?? just like her mom!! she is so cute!! more video, more video...

  5. Boooo :( I don't want you to move! Your going to miss me singing at Joshs farewell!... And his farewell of course!! But I'm more important! haha!

  6. Hi Emily! I found your blog from Laura Duncan's. So glad to hear you sold your house- I know what a relief that is! Good luck with packing and the move and everything! Just think of it as a good time to get rid of junk- that's what we did.


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