Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fat and Happy

Feelin' perky before she got her shots. Her stats: height - 26.75in (97th percentile) & weight - 15lbs 8oz (75-90th percentile).

The battle wounds...and a smile? Yeah, that was temporary.

FINALLY setting up the crib.

Bella enjoyed the swing and got a little discovery channel lesson in the mating rituals of ducks.

Lovin' the swing!

Bella is so entertaining! We are always amused with what she's doing...folding her body in half and grabbing her feet, drooling, gabbing on and never gets old!


  1. YAY for the crib...take a picture after you put in the fabulous bumper and matching sheets...Bella looks soo cute in the swing!! (did you notice how dirty the outside of that swing was) eeew! Germ alert!! Thank goodness she's tough! all those shots!!

  2. I have looked at the pictures again for the third time!! ahh I just miss her so much!!


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