Saturday, October 24, 2009

Almost There

With his 26' Penske Truck and 4 days of driving, Ty made it safely to Florida!! The trip didn't come without it's mishaps, but we'll let Ty tell that story another day :0)

Church members and my family have helped unload everything, and Ty is finally getting settled in. I feel like I'm getting the better end of this deal - when I get to Florida, all of the back breaking work will be done! Woo hoo! THANKS Ty, Mom, and Dad!!!

Bella and I have been in Colorado visiting my dad, cousins and sister Madison the past week. Right now we're in Nebraska (my old stomping grounds), and tonight Bella met her Great-Grandpa Bob and Great-Grandma Marion! They were so cute and protective of her. I had a great drive out with my fabulous 2nd cousin Kerry and I am excited for everyone else I get to see tomorrow! Yay!

Can't wait to get the party started in Florida! There's no turning back now, Mom and Dad!! :0)

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  1. I haven't checked your blog in a while due to being out of town. Wow, you're moving. How exciting! I hope all goes well. I love the picture of you and Bella at the top!!! How darling!


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