Friday, May 29, 2009

Slow Down!

I hate being wrong. Just ask my mom.

Everyone told me to sleep when the baby sleeps (and they were right... if you don't, you never sleep). Everyone told me it takes forever to get out of the house with a baby (and again, they were right... even though I thought I could defeat that one). And the most disappointing one - everyone told me that time would fly once she got here. They too were right. It's WAY to fast! I look at Bella and she's already so different - even just 2 and a half weeks later!! She's such an angel and I honestly wonder how I ever lived without her!!

Bella had her 2 week appointment yesterday and the doctor says she's lookin' great! Here are her stats:

Weight: 9lbs 12 oz (gained 12oz) - 97th percentile
Height: 21.75 in (grew almost 2 in) - 95th percentile


  1. Just wait until SHE'S married and has her first baby....then you will really feel like time has just flown by!!! she looks healthy and beautiful!

  2. I just want to kiss her fat cheeks! She is so adorable! I love the one eye open trick!

  3. OH THAT BABY IS ADORABLE!!! But don't worry, the sleeping during feedings won't last long. Soon you'll have a hard time keeping them focused on eating because they are so aware of whats going on around them. It's the best! You are such a cute Momma!


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