Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6 Weeks Old!

My flower child.

Bath time!

First time to the park.

Auntie Madi

Definitely our favorite outfit!

All smiles!

Her Auntie Isabelle

Her Auntie Savanna

AHH!! This little girl is growing too fast!!!!

My mom and sisters have been out here visiting the past few weeks and Bella made us all melt with her cooing and smiles. We were all fighting over her the whole time ... and Grandma Judy usually won!

She holds her head up for more extended periods of time now, but she definitely still has that newborn "flop". It's kinda funny actually. Her noises are another one of those hilarious things. Ty calls one of her noises the "troll laugh". She also sighs with lotsa drama and grunts like a little pig when she's eating. She's always entertaining us.

Some things I have become proficient at, now that I'm a mom, are as follows:

1. Grabbing things with my toes.
2. Changing diapers without cringing.
3. Getting puked on without cringing.
4. Reading reviews on strollers.
5. Typing with one hand (like right now).
6. Curing diaper rash.
7. Dirtying clothes.
8. Washing clothes.
9. Coupon clipping.
10. And lastly, I have become most proficient at taking too many pictures of Bella.

It's pretty awesome. I love this little girl more than I knew was possible!!


  1. She is so adorable! I can't get enough of her, so keep taking the pictures and posting them!

    I am glad mommy life is being so good to you!

    Love ya!

  2. More pictures! more pictures! Isabelle, Savanna and I are all having Bella withdrawel!!

  3. You are a glowing mommy!! What a beautiful little girl:) It is breath taking having your own child! Miss you! Wish we could be doing play groups together:)

  4. SHe is getting so big! She is so cute too!

  5. I can't believe she is already 6 weeks! She is beautiful. I know what you mean about taking too many pictures. In one month alone, I took over 250 pictures of Connor and I haven't slowed down yet! Children are so amazing! Love ya!


  6. Emily-She is so beautiful! I am so proud of what a darling momma you are!!

    Love, Debbi

  7. Emily I am so happy for you! She is a doll!! You look so happy!! I need to come see you and Bella soon!! Only 3 more months and our little girls can be buddies :)

  8. I found the matching hat to "your favorite outfit" can't wait to dress her up again. WAIT till you see the bathing suits Laurie and I picked out for the beach...so cute!!

  9. They grow so fast as everyone says, but you don't realize it until you witness it yourself. She's darling. I hope all is going well for you. I understand the picture craze. Peyton will have more pictures when she get's older than she knows what to do with. I guess you feel the need to document everything, especially with the first.


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