Thursday, April 23, 2009

38 Weeks

Here's what's on my mind lately:

My last day of work is next Friday...
Gotta wash more baby clothes...
Wow, I'm really waddling now...
Prenatal massage tomorrow - Stay in there baby!...
I can pretty much grab that foot that's jabbing my side...
It could be tomorrow - eek!!...
Am I ready? Really?...

AHHH!! I'm so excited. Probably one of those giddy, ignorant exciteds (if that's a word), but I don't care! I can't wait to change poopies, wait on her hand and foot, and be up all night! Hopefully my naive excitedness helps me get through some of the challenges. I'll let ya know how that goes!

To see more maternity pics by my fabulous and talented co-worker Alaina, click HERE! :0) Thanks Alaina! You did a fabulous job!!


  1. Emily-You look as gorgeous as ever. Good luck with the delivery! Let us know when she gets here!


  2. Girl - you are beautiful! Seriously. Those photos are awesome! I wish I could afford to have her take family photos for me. She's good. And you for sure should call me whenever you want! I'd love to answer your questions. I'm so excited to meet this little Henrie girl!

  3. Emmmmmm!
    Oh goodness! You and Ty are going to be the most amazing parents! I can't believe it's so close! I've always felt like you and Haley were like.. 2nd moms to me, so you should already know, when that little girl is a teenager, you will pretty much rock at being her best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope everything goes well!
    <3 Chelsea V

  4. You do look pretty awesome for being about to have a baby! I tried capturing a cute shot before having my baby and it just didn't happen. Great pictures! I am so excited for you.

  5. Cant believe you are almost THERE!!!! Congrats! Cant wait to see pics of the lil one soon! Yeah! BTW- you look amazing!

  6. I'm pretty sure you are one of the cutest pregnant ladies I have ever seen!!! She will be here any day now, congratulations!

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