Sunday, November 23, 2008

17 weeks

Time is flying and I feel the stretching and the growing! I'm not exactly showing with clothes on, but I can sure tell by the way I feel that everything's getting all squished on the inside.
I'm excited for a baby bump! - proof that I'm not just making this all up!!

Above is how I feel ...

... And this is the way things are lookin' so far.


  1. fair....thats how I look now...and I'm not 17 weeks pregnant! You look absolutely amazing! Would never know theres a baby in there!
    Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweater you are wearing in the top picture....where did you get it at??? Good job....your'e one hot momma already!

  2. You look great!!! before you know it that baby bump will be there!!! you look so cute and i can't wait for you to really start showing. How exciting!!! i am so happy for you and tyrone. love you guys

  3. Emily if those pictures are supposed to be proof of you being prego then I don't believe you! You look gorgeous!

  4. Can you believe that you're almost half way through? That's amazing! You make pregnancy look so easy. :)

  5. Hey Henries, I don't think you guys have put your due date, but if I'm calculating right, we're only a week apart. We are having #4, due on Apr 25! btw, i'm one of tyrones friends, not a stalker! I would never believe that you are even pregnant! Gotta love baby #1


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