Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not as weird...

One word has described pregnancy so far - weird.
But tonight I decided it's taking on a new bunch of words - not as weird as I thought.

My belly is just starting to poke out - like I can't suck it in
and make it look how it did before kind of thing... And it's actually not as horrible as I imagined. It definitely has it's discomforts, but for once I looked in the mirror and thought how excited I was.

Typically my mind is consumed with selfish thoughts like, "oh gosh, now my pants aren't gonna fit my fat butt", or "before I know it I'll be waddling like the rest of 'em", etc... Feeling a little pessimistic about it all to say the least.

But for the first time I admired my little growing belly tonight and thought,
"aww, there's a little baby in there".
Then it all seemed worth it.


  1. You're funny, but I'm just wondering what fat butt you could possibly be talking about. I want to see your growing tummy!

  2. I am so so happy for you! You and Ty will be SUCH good parents. Have you thought of any names yet??


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