Saturday, April 26, 2014

41 weeks

41 weeks. Doctor appointment two days ago and I'm 2.5cm dilated. Been feeling super tired. Regular contractions yesterday morning for about an hour, but they slowed for the rest of the day.

My Dr. is okay with me waiting to induce until after 42 weeks, as long as baby and I look fine. They call it "Watchful Waiting" I'll go in every two days this week for a fetal non-stress test (NST) to check in on her heart rate to measure blood/oxygen flow during fetal movements and contractions. It's non-invasive. They just strap a couple things around my belly for 20 minutes while the machine charts everything. The NST from today looked great.

My mom's flight has been rescheduled for May 3. Yay! She's been so so helpful with everything. I call her my magical fairy, because the dishes, the laundry & all my clutter magically take care of themselves. It's fabulous. So blessed to have her!

On April 22, we got to hear Elaine Dalton speak at a bi-stake fireside. It was seriously awesome to hear her speak - from the third row, non-the-less! LOVE her!

Naps & crafts...

Treehouse museum... 

 Payday for Bella. 59 dimes for doing her jobs! Go girl! We have a basket we call her "store" where we add toys/crafts to as she finds things at the real store that she wants to work for. She loves it...for now.

Still waiting for Ruby...

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  1. I just catching up on your blog, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Looks like I got on it again just in time! Can't wait to "meet" that sweet baby!


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