Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas in Florida

Oh Florida, how I love thee....

This is how winter should be...


We spent 4 weeks in Florida this Christmas, and it was the most relaxing 4 weeks e.v.e.r.

My dad met us at the hotel at Disney after just returning from Scotland where he commentated for the Duel in the Pool swim meet - USA vs. Europe. We watched on as if it were live, and it was very exciting!

Can I just say how grateful I am for these sisters of mine??? They teach me so much and I am so glad that we are blessed to have each other!!

We spent 2 nights at Disney and loved it. We all pretty much catered to Bella's experience. Everyone wanted to ride the rides with her and see her reaction to everything. Her first ride experience was Pirates of the Caribbean - Oops. She wasn't too fond of that. She pretty much plugged her ears the entire ride and covered her eyes. We redeemed ourselves with It's a Small World right after though.

We dined at the Beauty and the Beast restaurant and it was so beautiful and detailed inside! 

Bella wasn't feelin' the Beast...

It was about 80 degrees this day, so we let Bella get soaked in the water area. Again, she loved it.

On our 2nd day, we went to Hollywood Studios. This park was more laid back and less crowded. Loved it. The weather was a perfect 65 degrees! 

This was my dad's face every time my mom, sister and I would dash to the restroom. We stopped everytime we saw one, it seemed. 

My darling husband makes some precious faces...

Indiana Jones...A classic.

The Christmas lights were awesome! They were hooked up to the music and the display of lights and music was incredible!

This Beauty and the Beast production was up there with something on Broadway! Wow! Gaston was perfect...and likely our favorite character as we all sang along!

Bella loves to snuggle her aunties...

A few highlights: Dad snoring on the couch; FINISHING a good book; Eating cookies for lunch after swimming.

Bella has her Grandpa-slave rubbing her feet while she sips her drink and watches a movie on the ipad. Really, does life get any better for her??

Christmas letters... 

Auntie Tracy drove up with Grandma Jettie Christmas morning. It was so great to see them!!!

I love making homemade gifts for Christmas! This year I made my sister Madison a blanket out of all her high school t-shirts. I think she loved it! I also made pot holders! (I need to make one for myself now!) 

 And Bella and I made heat bags with Bella's hand print on it for Ty and for my dads. Our "Supermen".

A beautiful Christmas day for playing on the golf course.


We swam daily.

A trip to Legoland for New Years Eve...

My dad and his fanny pack...Too funny. 

Her first roller coaster. She LOVED it. All my anxieties were a waste of energy.

Just watching this ride made me wanna puke!!

 Legoland countdown to 2014! 

Firework show over Lake Eloise, where my dad learned to swim back in the day and my grandparents performed in water ski shows in the 60s. (Legoland was built where Cypress Gardens use to be).

A visit to see our Grandma Jettie...Bella's Great Grandma "Gigi"

 And a little sock wrestling... A hilarious pastime. You must try! 

 Even my parents gave it a whirl...They moved in slow motion, but it was still hilarious.

 This picture just about says it all.
I so needed this vacation to be with my family. I missed them so much!!
Now to just get ourselves back there!!!

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  1. What a fun time!!! We miss you all!
    I stink at sock wrestling, but the belly laughs were worth it!
    love, Mom


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