Sunday, January 5, 2014

25 Weeks

I'm 25 weeks! Feeling great! Baby girl is very active and my family here in FL has had many chances to feel her moving around! Last night Bella was laying on me, and I think the pressure of Bella's weight turned baby into a ninja! Bella loved having her little sister kick her in the tummy. She whispers in my ear almost daily (and swears me to secrecy to 'tell no one'), "I know you're having a baby and I'm gonna be a big sister, and I'm gonna hold her head, and I'm gonna be the best sister". She's a little excited.

Today it's 75 degrees and the most beautiful day. How I love Florida! Disney was wonderful - Bella's first experience was magical! She was better behaved than my teenage sisters, too! :) We spent 2 days there, and when we asked Bella if she wanted to go for the third day (to use up the 3 day park hopper pass), she preferred to just swim! She swims everyday with her grandpa and loves it!

Ty went home last week. We will miss him for another week while we're here!

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