Friday, May 17, 2013

North Ogden Community Garden

In March, Bell and I volunteered to help with the North Ogden Community garden, and now we are titled the "Garden Managers". Bella loves this title and proudly tells everyone.

For an improvement project, I decided the 32 boxes needed some nice looking numbers. Lowe's supplied & cut the wood (purchased by my generous donor mother, Judy Gaines!). Then I free handed the numbers & finished it up with brown outdoor paint.

It took a few weeks to get them all painted and dry. Thankfully, we didn't have any casualties with my little helper who likes to paint, too :)

My guy was lucky and got to screw in the numbers to the boxes! He was a willing help, which I so appreciated. It was hard work! 

Bella eagerly wanted to help, but she ended up playing in the dirt pile instead.

The Grand Opening was May 18th, and it was perfect. I had run all over town the month before collecting donations from local businesses and was kind of feeling down that not many people came. But honestly, it turned out perfect, even with the rain!

Lauren and her mom came to support me!  
Jerry from Jerry's Nursery came to speak to us and had some really great tips on making your pots last through the hot summer!

Sam and Brent Wiesenberg built this fence for Sam's Eagle Scout project, and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  
Super happy with the numbers!!!

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