Wednesday, March 27, 2013

San Francisco Dream

Seriously, the best trip ever!

Completely humbled and grateful. 

SF Checklist:
- Drop off the kid with grandparents - CHECK
- Feel slightly guilty about it - CHECK
- Drive 13 hours in beautiful weather - CHECK
- Meet the coolest people ever - CHECK
- Have the best time ever - CHECK

Meet Zoe Flanagan: The cutest girl in SF!

We had the privilege of getting to know the Flanagans this trip, and I feel completely blessed to know them!! Below is Richard Flanagan giving his presentation during the Game Developers Conference. He told his story about how is game FRACT (See here) came to be...and how his "well-laid plan" quickly became "the darkness". Overdue deadlines, out of money, growing family, and how he and his team overcame obstacles. It sounded all too familiar, but in a comforting way.

Sometimes it's hard to explain to people just exactly what my husband does. 
He's making a game. By. Him. Self. 
Even for me, wrapping my brain around the "how" is overwhelming.

They way Ty describes it for people is this: it's like directing a movie, writing a novel, animating a cartoon, drawing a whole museum full of art, and coding 40 websites.

Richard Flanagan, creator of the game "FRACT"

I made a hat for Zoe, and completely guessed on the size - it was a perfect fit! She looked so cute in it!!

Union Square...a fun place to people watch!

Super fun market with yummy food and crafts.

This is the amazing multi-faceted Quynh! She's the mother of this beautiful girl & wife of the above Richard Flanagan. She's a talented runner & photographer, co-creator of FRACT, and a great listening ear! We talked about everything, and it was so refreshing! I just adore her and her sweet family!

Walkin' about...

Out for a run with Quynh and Zoe...

Best trip ever!!! :)

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