Friday, November 23, 2012

thanksgiving in neola

this is neola.

it's small. 
500 people small. one traffic light small.
but i have to say, it is one of utah's secret beauties.

i always forget how bright the stars are at night.
and how peacefully silent the outdoors can be.

old farm equipment begs for a picture.


beautiful them.

silly them.

them in real life.

i discovered the many talents of my brother-in-law bret! 
he homemade this machine that makes knives! how cool!! (i realize my girly terminology for manly tools hardly does it all justice, but you get the idea)

don't worry there's more. he also made a souped-up snow plow. really who does that? he added the black flap to force the snow to pack down. headlights, the hydraulic system to lift it up and down. i mean really. i can crochet beanies.

well, i was impressed. 
he was bashful and quiet about his abilities, probably because i was gushing and so wow-factored. i guess i coulda toned it down just a bit.

oh, and one more homemade thing: his lake.
yeah, you woulda been gushing too.

brought the hula skirt for bell to show off to her grandma, but it was better off as a trampoline toy. made for some fun shots. 

love ryder's sweet pickle pucker face:


first time ever shooting a gun. city girl here.
my heart was seriously pounding, but i tried to stay cool with everyone watching.

surprisingly exhilarating, but i have no desire to do it again. haha


grandma bev's graham cracker houses were a hit!

the adorable house. 

nephew gavin and i did some night light photography.
i like the swirly one on the left. his name is on the right.

after 10 tries, we finally got this.

bryan and dylan - our future missionaries!!

camille rockin' gun ear gear.

go fetch.

cat tails. ty's favorite farm toy.

we hold hands.

we are the...

typical day here.

video games exhaust hayden.

dylan and cole are sick of the paparazzi.

bryan fell from a tree. happy thanksgiving!

these little darlings captured my eye.

fields of gold.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I love all the pictures! What an awesome post!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


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