Thursday, November 22, 2012

a crusty thanksgiving

food. all day. all over everything. splatters, spills, chopping, soaking, boiling, mashing.

the kitchen got a little crusty.

the turkey gave me a run for my money. called the good ol' butterball hotline for help. 

things i learned:
the anatomy of a turkey. the thigh is not where i thought it was.
butterball hotline is great.
burning food is a badge of honor.
just buy some dang rolls.
pride is not worth exhaustion.
employ your helpers! they are indispensable.
and eat off a small plate so you don't feel sick all night.

had a blast with my friend Lindsey from BYU-Idaho. i really don't think i could have made all this food without her help. she was AWESOME.

feeling queasy and crabby. quite a turn from my grateful heart earlier today. 
my attitude may feel crusty, but it was still a beautiful day :)

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