Thursday, October 18, 2012

halloween fun

bella was planning to endure the elephant costume that gave her the wedgie of the century, but i wanted to try to make something that she could use as a play costume, too.

i liked it until i realized the hood would not stay on her head and that the mittens were pretty  inconvenient for grabbing things.

she really wants a bird one, like the one at the Children's Museum in Ogden. 

maybe i'll have better luck with wings than a hood.

we had friends over and we painted pumpkins! easy. fun. and washable. score.  

love these kids! and i love fall leaves! oh, and chalk. the neighbors have often seen me int he driveway playing with chalk long after bella has decided it's boring.

Ward halloween party - the youth were in charge of games for the kids and they did a great job!

Everyone thought I was pregnant for my costume - i was going for the old man, big-belly look. shoot.

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