Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm awkward.

My sweet neighbor Tina let me take their pictures on Saturday and it was a really good learning experience.

I learned I'm really awkward. Ok, I already knew I was awkward, but I learned a bit about helping others NOT feel awkward, even if I do.

This cool green chair was on site for another photographer's shoot - one who is far less awkward than I. So she helped me.

I do NOT know how to position people! Where does this arm go? My legs are weird, Uh, how should I stand? This is awkward. 

I decided I need to observe how other photographers do it, cuz I just can't figure it out. The chair-photographer positioned the kids and I would NOT have thought of that. Wow. So simple right? Yeah, you go try it.

Tina was kind to take a few of Bell and I. Man I love this girl.

 major poser.

A good threat to tickle always gets a smile.

Gotta have some big eyes

A good headlock kiss. LOL.


  1. She is SO gorgeous!! And she is getting SO big!!

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  3. I KNOW! Ty said when he saw her pants on the floor the other day, he realized she wouldn't always fit in them and it made him all misty!!! I feel the same when I think about it!!!! Knowing her when she's little is such a treasure!


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