Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boys

These are her boys.
My youngest cousins, her favorite toys.

They follow each other everywhere. Well, mostly Bella tells them to follow her. "Come on, boy," she demands.

She can't distinguish between the twins, Levi and Simon, and it doesn't help that Harrison looks like his brothers!
This is why they are "the boys".


The other night, at bedtime, Bella tried justifying a late night by saying, "Only one boy, just one", while holding up one finger.
I wish I could take one of these boys home with us! Well, all three ideally, but at least one!

We've had such a blast up here and I'm sure Bella will have a hard time adjusting back to only-child life when we return.

Thanks to "the boys" for being so fun and for making Bella such a happy girl!

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