Saturday, April 21, 2012

Junk Swap and Cousins

Bella's "boys" came to see her this weekend, on their way to Zions National Park for a family vacation.
 She absolutely adores these three boys. The twins, Simon and Levi (12), and Harrison (10), are Bella's favorite people. She would holler "Come GIT me boys!" then make her escape as they chased after.
 Uncle Steve is my dad's brother, and Drae is his fabulous wife. I love this family!
 The same weekend they came to visit, I was hosting a "JUNK SWAP". Yeah, I don't even know. It's where you bring your junk that's collecting dust in your house and SWAP it with other peeps.
 We had to tell people who thought it was a garage sale to come back in an hour after we were done. Then we told them everything was free - and they made off like bandits! One kid got a gently used bike!
 It was a great turn out (lots of junk) and I think everyone went home happy. I found a few treasures myself!

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