Monday, April 9, 2012

Catapult Update

The business card at the top was printed last year. The four below it are the ones he made this year. Huge improvement! I love how they look now!! There are 3 different scenes on the front, and the little gray castle on the back. So cute!

Ty updated the look of his blog a month ago and seems to be getting a positive response. It just looks more professional. See here:

He calls me into his "office" (the extra bedroom of our home) every so often and invites my opinions about choice of music, game play, controls and art. I'm wife and game consultant. Maybe these skills will be marketable in the future? Haha.

I love being part of Catapult for Hire and I can't wait for it's release! Gushing wife here. So proud of you T-rone!

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