Friday, February 10, 2012

Haircut and a Hike

This is how we distract.
Miraculously she's still!
 Long luscious locks meet Mr. Trim. 
I don't cut hair. I cut paper. With a straight edge slicer. Man, someone invent one for children's hair. One quick slice and you're done. I took way longer than necessary just guessing my way through hair cutting. Glad it's done. See you again in 3 months.

Oh. And meet the cat I have named Ninja for his notorious ninja-like moves. About once every 2 weeks, he sneaks in our house, undetected. And it will be hours sometimes before we notice him. Sometimes he appears out of nowhere - Bella always spots him first. And other times he's lounging on our WHITE bed with his BLACK hairy self. Yeah laugh it up.

And, the hike. 
This is why it's nice to have a hubby who works from home. We just decided to take advantage of the nice day, and Bella embraced her inner mountain man.

Bella learned about physics today, more specifically the parabolic arc. Ty was so proud. Rocks are the best toys, really.
 This is Ty's game in a nutshell - the childhood exhilaration/fascination of throwing things. 
 Daddy showing Bella how it's done.

 Great day. Funny faces. The end.

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