Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lights on Temple Square

This year we visited the lights on Temple Square. It was wonderful!
Mary Beekman came down from BYU-I for one night on her way to Florida for Christmas break and it was SOO good to see her!!! 

I wore a warm hand-me-down coat from my grandma Connie and yes, it was Barney-purple and went clear to my ankles. A guy wearing a kilt playing his bagpipes even complimented me on it. I think everyone's gonna want one now. Haha.

Angel Moroni (the gold statue resting atop the Salt Lake Temple) is centered in this picture.

Bella was pretty awestruck by all of the lights. She kept pointing and talking about them. She especially loved seeing a temple in person for the first time. She remarked over and over, while gesturing with her arms, "BIG one. Up Up Up!"

Directly in front of the temple, floating lights glittered the reflection pond. So pretty!


I had a lot of fun, and most especially enjoyed pondering the meaning of this visit for me.

I felt the spirit of Christmas and for a moment left behind the things of the world and relaxed. This is the relief the Savior offers to the world and I am so grateful to feel that over and over again in my life.

Gratitude fills me. Good night.

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