Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa lives at the Mall

When I was little, my mom would ask, 
"Where does Santa live, Emily?"
My reply:
"At the mall"

Although a little shy, Bella seemed very comfortable with sitting on Santa's lap. No one was in line, so she just took her time chattin' it up with Santa. Adorable.
We couldn't get a picture with Santa without having to pay the $17 for a 5x7 photo, so opted out and took a parting picture.

These are on my list of lovely things to plagiarize. They retailed for $29!!!!! Whaaaaaa?

Our mall has this dang carousel in the middle of the food court to attract children like mosquitoes to a light. So nuggets and fries lose their appeal quick to the rotating musical horse. It's a losing battle and I usually give up...and just take pictures.

 Neener Neener.

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