Sunday, December 26, 2010


We are so blessed. Like, for real. I should slap myself for ever wanting to complain.

Christmas morning came early, but it was wonderfully fun! Bella made it all feel so different. Like the magic of Christmas came back...and all those feelings of being a kid. Ahhh. I love it!

We enjoyed a lazy morning together - just us. It was blissful! Eating crepes, or was it pancakes? Wow. I don't even remember. Haha. Either way, we ate yummy food. Then spent most of the morning playing with our toys. Actually, we spent most of the morning building Bella's toys and putting in the batteries. The "Dream Kitchen" was the beast. Thank you very much Grandpa Rowdy and Grandma Judy for spoiling us all rotten!

The coveted Dream Kitchen.

After Bella took a nap, we headed over to Mykel and Camille's house for the afternoon portion of the festivities...

Outside on the trampoline testing out the new lens.

...which included scrumptious eats, making scripture totes out of place mats, cookie making, card games, and well, more food. What are the holidays without food?

So yes.

This Christmas we were blessed, beyond measure. 2010 was an incredible, memorable, and .... that word that means you grew. Yeah. That's what kinda year it was. A really sweet one. Thank you to all who were part of it! :0)

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