Thursday, December 30, 2010

Amazing Lens

Okay. Just a little disclaimer. I don't know jack about cameras or lenses. But many months ago, I told Ty I wanted a lens for Christmas...a 50mm lens. I only knew I wanted that lens because a friend of mine said she loved hers...and her photos were convincingly awesome!!

I basically only shoot in "aperture priority" mode...Which I think just means the camera figures out the ISO and the Shutter speed by itself, and I do the aperture.

Sad. I had to use the spell check to spell "aperture". See? I really don't know what I'm talking about!!! Haha.

Anyway. I'm just a little obsessed and had to share. If you have a camera and you're scared of it like me, then visit this site, and read. Read like there's no tomorrow.

That's all I have.


  1. I love these!! It makes me want a camera REALLY bad!

  2. it's purdy awesome. go on ksl or craigslist. i'm sure there are people trying to get rid of their old ones cause they never made time to figure them out. then when you master it, get a new nice one!


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