Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Stuff. That's all I could come up with.

So yeah. Here's the latest stuff:

My wonderful niece Ava got to spend the night at our house a few weekends ago, and we had a blast! We painted fingernails, danced with our stuffed animal bears to loud music, hid inside our box forts, read books, made homemade brownie bites (and ate them!), and laughed. ALoT!! I am so happy Ava got to stay the night with us! She rocks my socks off!!

Some more stuff:

Bella loves reading in her closet "reading corner". I love it too, because I can just shut the doors when I don't want to look at the mess she makes!

More stuff. Bella loves the snow! We visited our dear friends Tami and Mike in Provo to help them move, and during our visit, it snowed! Bella had never seen it before this, and she loved it! Victoria, Henry and Bella had a blast playing together...except for when Bella would try to swipe someone's toy. You know. The usual sharing issues. I miss my Deleeuws already!

More stuff:
Bella turned a year and a half on 11.11.10. I really don't know how it happens so fast. It's insane. I love every minute with this little tiny person. She makes every day blissful and exciting!!! We took pictures off the side of a road with these AWESOME yellow leaves. Ahh...they were so beautiful! And Bella was such a trooper while I took all these pics! She's the best.

More stuff:

Bella and I drove up to Logan to see her Aunt Dani and her cousin Teryn last weekend, and had a blast feeding the ducks and geese! They were EVERYWHERE and we LOVED it! Bella was swarmed and seemed incredibly fearless. She ran right up to them while I threw the bread all around her for them to eat. Dani and I were laughing the whole time. We love visiting the beautiful Logan and getting to see family! We had a blast!

And more stuff:
We made dough tonight. And eventually made cinnamon rolls with the dough...Ahh...so gooood. Bella helped by pulling some of the dough apart into tiny little pieces and also helped by blowing flour off of her tiny spoon into powdered flour clouds. She was giggling hysterically. And we caught it on video. Yes, I will share. Eventually.

She talks all the time now. It's blow-your-mind cute. I ask her to say something, and she'll usually give it a try. It's awesome. She said "Dough" tonight when I asked her to, except it's got this really exaggerated "O" sound at the end. Love it.

I have conditioned her to love the movie "Finding Nemo". Now she points to the TV, and while doing the sign language for "Fish", says "Fshh Fssh". It's awesome. Oh how I love this little girl.

And some more stuff:
Because I can't seem to keep busy enough, I volunteered to make hats for about 10 neighborhood kids. I have a ton of yarn that's been sitting around for quite some time, and I'm happy to finally be using it...But I'm thinking I'm going to run out pretty quick at the rate I'm going! The kids are so cute when they wear them, I can't help but adore from a distance! I use a loom to make them, in case you're wondering. It's kind of an addicting hobby, too!! One of those mindless ones that keep you feeling busy, even though there are plenty of other things I could be doing.

Ty is doing well. His contract with Zoo Publishing is almost finalized. Just a few more details here and there. He's like a kid again. It's awesome to see how happy he is that he gets to create his game ideas full-time and actually get paid for it. It's awesome.

That's all for now. Life, with all it's surprises and challenges, is wonderful and exciting. I couldn't be happier with this beautiful life I have been given!


  1. I was CRAVING cinnamon rolls at the beginning of this week so I found a recipe online to make for Thanksgiving instead of Muddy Buddies! Never made em' before, so I hope they turn out. Love all the "stuff"!! And I'm so happy you're so close so I don't have to live through your blog!!!

  2. LOVE those hats!! Warm winter wear is the only thing I miss about coldness! Miss your guts!


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