Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lovin' Life.

Last night we went to see Mindy Gledhill perform in Logan, UT, and we had a BLasT! My AWESOME friend Dani, who also happens to be my sister-in-law, watched Bella for us while we went out. We had so much fun!!! If you haven't heard of Mindy, now is the time to check her out. She's positive, uplifting, and FUN. Here is a link to her songs:

Thank you Dani! :0)

Rockin' the stage.

Her songs "All about your Heart" and "Anchor" have to be two of my favorites!!!

Hello there Mindy. I adore your music!

Anyway. We sat right in the front row (the floor was our best option with a full house!), and we were happy we did. Afterward we were able to hop up and say hello without a long wait! I am a total super fan. I can't deny it.

My awesome Dani Phani hangin out w/ Bella.

Watching the Pirate cake cannons! COOL!!!

Last week Bella went to a decked out Pirate themed birthday party for her friend Zoe!

The birthday girl, Zoe, wearing the gift Bella got her. Okay, that her mom made! Still counts right?

Zoe's mom (my great friend), sure knows how to throw a party!!!

The awesome, the wonderful Nikki Randall.

Everything was so cute and well thought out. I had a blast visiting and even got to help out with the Pirate Treasure Hunt!

Reading the next clue on the Pirate Treasure Hunt.

Bella is my snuggle bug! She loves to snuggle with her mommy in the morning. I'll bust out the handy dandy lap top and we'll watch Little Einstiens together. SO FUN!

Oh and cuz I know you're all dying to know this - she's finally weaned. Holy Guacamole. It was a very very very gradual process, but we did it! It's been 2 whole days now! WOOT! Wanna know the trick? Marshmallows! She settled for those in a HEART beat! Love my little tooter!

As for other things, North Ogden is treating us well. I really like this neighborhood and the people I am getting to know! My house is still a disaster area, but it's cozy! We are really enjoying everything. Still can't find our plates, so IKEA sold me on some cute brown ones.

OH and this morning I used my nutrimill ginder thingy, and it ROCKS! I used freshly milled wheat flour for our pancakes, and they were the best thing I'd ever tasted! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! MMMMmmm, Good!

Okay. That's all.

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  1. I will admit that Bella is pretty DARLING too! I am glad life back in Utah is treating you well. Way to go on the grinder - I'm inspired. You can now use food storage and not just have it!


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