Thursday, March 18, 2010

biking, napping, and eating toes.

I went for a bike ride today with my friend Sienna, and holy cow - I'm feeling it.

I am guessing we went around 13 miles total, and the last time I biked that much was well, never. Did I mention I was pulling a 30lb trailer, 15lb car seat, 23lb baby, on fat mountain bike tires, on a windy day? I sound like I'm complaining. I really had a blast. I love a good challenge and I love that feeling after a good work out. I also love great friends! Thanks to Sienna for biking with me! :0)

Nap time never felt so good!!!

And to finish the day, Bella and I read books, brushed teeth, then played a little. She decided to try eating my toes. It was so cute how she would grab my feet and laugh when I'd wiggle my toes in her face. She cracks me up!! And don't worry. We just finished a bath. To all those who are disgusted by feet, sorry. :0)

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