Friday, February 27, 2009

Bed Rest

Well, it looks like I'm on bed rest for a week! Yipee!!
I noticed some bleeding 2 nights ago and went to the hospital to get things checked out. Baby looked fine and so did I, according to the RN. I met with my doctor the next morning and he said my cervix is thinning and the baby is really low in my pelvis, so he's concerned I'm at risk for pre-term labor! Awesome news right?
We had to cancel plans to go to St. George this weekend with some friends, and I had to take off work for a week. Needless to say, I am disappointed! Ty on the other hand seems to think this is fun! He says he's excited to feed me, prop me up with pillows, and entertain me with whatever I request. He even suggested that I need a bell to ring for when I need him! Boy, is he a keeper or what.
So if you find yourself feeling bored this week, please feel free to call or email me! I have Ty's laptop to play on, and I will have many endless hours to fill! I hope this is my only week of bed rest and that everything can be normal after this!!


  1. Poor Em! I will call you and we can practice our Spanish or something!

  2. sorry to hear!! i hope things will get better. you've definitely got a keeper!!! take care of yourself and that baby girl!!! love you girl

  3. I have the perfect little bell to ring... my grandpa used to ring it for my grandma when he wanted something. I inherited it when she passed away. Needless to say, I have never used it with Mykel...where did Ty come from another family or what??? ;-)

    I hope everything goes well for you and your little one! We will call you on Sunday and put you on speaker phone so you can sing "Happy Birthday" to Ava!

    Call me if you get bored, I am sure you will love to hear all the crying kids in the background (I have five little ones today!)

  4. I'm sorry Em! I was on bed rest with Julia for a couple of weeks. I hope everything goes back to normal for you in a week:) What a sweet hubby!

  5. What can I do? Shall we come over and entertain you? :)
    Please let us know how things are. WE LOVE YOU YOUR GUTS!!!
    Ty is a GREAT hubby!!!
    Love, Debbi

  6. That's awful! I would give anything to come and entertain you but the plague has come to our home. Alex, Ethan and I have sinus infections. So far Joseph is still standing. As soon as we get better we'll come and see you. Take care!

  7. EW bedrest is SO not fun! i sure hope you don't have to be on for longer than a week! i was on it for about a month and a half with simon... you think that because you're so tired you'd like to lie around all day, but it gets so old so fast. stock up on good movies or tv series on dvd! you'll need it! and don't be ashamed to eat whatever sounds good! :) good luck!


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