Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Love Her

She watches way too much tv...she knew that throwing snowballs was hilarious.
And she knew how to make a snow angel. 
Thank you, Kipper the dog.

 "My eat da snow!!" she tells me. 
She makes me laugh when she...
talks. Whenever she opens her mouth, it's something hilarious with some adorable voice inflection leaving me rolling. "My" replaces "I" at our house, and drama is her middle name.
acts. She pretends to be a baby and while fake crying, tells me, "My a baby, mama..WHaaa". When she pretends to eat something, she does the "Nom, Nom, Nom", along with the squishy faces.
walks. For the most part, this kid's vertically challenged. She makes a grand entrance daily as she comes running full speed, then takes an ungraceful tumble to the floor. Then pops right back up.
goes potty. First she announces it. "MY GOIN' DA POTTY", grabs herself, then joyfully canters off to the toilet on her toes. Oh, but there's more. She now describes each BM by declaring it's resemblance to, oh, I don't know... 
a train.
Or a boat. Or a snake.
It's, "Wook, mommy, my make a train!"
or "Wook, my make a big one boat!"
Always with much enthusiasm and satisfaction with her creations.
Would it be weird to say that maybe she's an artist? 

This girl keeps me on my toes, and is probably increasing my life expectancy with all the laughter. 

My love her.

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  1. Man you crack me up! We loved having your company last night. What a perfect Sunday! :)


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