Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beach Life

We just spent a week at my Grandpa and Grandma's beach house in Florida and had a blast!! So much to tell!! Here are some highlights:

- Bella finally met the rest of the Gaines family!
- We spotted a manatee and actually swam right next to it and pet it in the ocean! Amazing!
- We ate yummy blackened grouper and played Taboo.
- Aunt Tracy told hilarious stories about us all...we laughed a lot!
- We chased crabs with flash lights at night and got eaten alive by bugs.
- We laughed at Grandpa Buddy who couldn't do the tongue twister "One Smart Feller, He felt Smart". Try it!
- We saw a dead baby turtle and many turtle nests.
- We took many hammock naps. Those were Bella's favorite!
- We fished off the dock and caught a couple of fish.
- Ty skim boarded successfully.
- Bella spent most of her time with her Auntie's, Gramma's and Grandpa's in the air conditioned house. She appreciated that.
- We pranked my sister Madison who believed a stranger made eerie noises on her window!
- We kayaked and I saw a shark!
- I faced off with a black snake by the outdoor shower. The snake won. I showered inside.
- We floated and swam in the ocean for hours.
- We took many pictures and made many exciting memories!


  1. Emmmmily! I am so jealous. Did you know I LOVE manatees? I used to have two I adopted. I think they're sweet.

    Bella is getting so big!


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