Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 Weeks!

It's all going by much faster than I thought it would! She is moving all the time - flipping, dancing, punching my know, the usual baby stuff. It's so cool to feel her and see her move!!

Boy have I been in nesting mode. From what I understand, this is when you become motivated to clean, organize, and prepare for baby - to a high degree of annoyance, particularly to your spouse.

Poor Ty hears from me "We've gotta buy this and that", and "We've gotta sell this and that", and "You've gotta organize this and that"...etc. And usually he says he will get it done sometime that week, but no - his annoying, frantic wife wants it done NOW! haha... poor thing. He has been more than patient with my exuberance and I appreciate him so much for that!

16 more weeks! Here I come!


  1. You guys are awesome! For some reason my wife got the nesting a little bit but I think I was the one all worried about having things ready for our little girl. Ty is a stud so you will both be in good hands. :)

  2. Are you ever going to start showing??? You are sooo tiny! I am so jealous cause I was WAY bigger than you at 24 weeks! You look adorable and good luck with the nesting. I got that bad too! :)

  3. Lol about the nesting!! Wait until you want a cherry slurpy from 7/11 at 11:30 at night! Or a Big Mac!!! NOW

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  5. How cute are you? Can't wait to see the little bee-bee! Happy nesting!


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