Thursday, October 16, 2008


NO, not like the tasty spaghetti sauce...Prego like the BABY kind! AHH!!! I found out a month ago, so I'm guessing I'm around 8 weeks or so.

It's not real yet. I don't think nausea and constant snacking really count as being pregnant ya know? This is ridiculous...but it's all part of the package I guess.

It could always be maybe a woman's gestation period could be only 3 months. Now that would DEFINITELY be worse, because I'm DEFINITELY not ready to be a mom in 1 month. God knew what he was doing with the whole 9 month thing. Way to go.

SO yeah, Ty and I are excited to say the least!


  1. Yeah Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting!!! I hope you have an easy pregnancy and delivery:) Love you Em!!

  2. EMILY!!!!!!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO excited for you!! I bet your mom is over the moon!!!! YIPPEE!!!!
    You will be the most draling mom ever!!!
    love you!!

  3. Holy cow that's awesome!!! The thing about God knowing what he was doing with the 9 month duration cracks me up. Please let me know if you feel the same way when you're in month 7. (wink) I know what you mean about not being ready to be a mom. When I heard Alex cry for the first time I thought, "um, what am I supposed to do with this thing again?" Let me know if you need anything! Sometimes girl time can help get your mind off the nausea. Congratulations!!!

  4. Yeah for Ty and Lemily! Our kids are soooo excited to have a new cousin! I can't wait to see you both as parents, it will be so much fun to watch and enjoy! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!

  5. YEA!!!!!!! We are so excited for you guys! You are going to be wonderful parents. Being a mother is so wonderful. We love you!
    The Sargents

  6. Hi. My name is Shanna (oaks) Denver. I was friends with Ty growing up. Tell him chubs said hi and congrats to you two! That is very exciting. :)

  7. Congrats again! We are so excited for you guys! And totally random, but I had a dream last night that we came to visit Utah and surprised you guys and then you found out that you guys were having a girl! So RANDOM and totally WEIRD of me to dream that, but ha, what can I say? I must be a weirdo! Haha. Yeah for babies!

  8. Congrats Henries! I just knew when I saw you updated your blog what it was going to say, it was time! How exciting!


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