Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So basically i've got an inflamed vein caused by a clot - and what better place to get one of these than my ARM PIT! sweet huh. just thought i'd share that with everybody. don't you worry, it's 'superficial'. you know, like phony, not real, it has no depth. in other words, nothing to be worried about. but it's still really cool!! it looks like a worm and feels hard. apparently it can be caused by prolonged inactivity, little or no exercise, obesity, smoking, injury, or pregnancy. you know, since i am a chain smoker and weigh 300 lbs, i guess i have a problem. better hit the gym and smokers anonymous! does smokers anonymous even exist? hmm... and just for the record, not pregnant.


  1. What, no picture? j/k. You said it can also be caused by pregnancy. Maybe you aught to pick up a test on your way to the gym? :) I doubt there's a smokers anonymous since the smell gives you away. So, does this thing go away on it's own or will they go Star Wars on you (you know, use lasers or something cool)?

  2. maybe from pregnancy:) love ya! katie hakes


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