Sunday, July 13, 2008

teryn's funeral

funerals are so tough! this is the second one i've been to in 23 years (that i can recall) and wow. both times it was unexpected, unfortunately. in this picture is alexis henrie, teryn's little 4 year old girl. what a doll.

the things i have learned from this experience are far greater than i could have imagined. teryn's exemplary life of generosity and kindness have blessed me more than i understand. he paid for danielle to go to efy where we met and became fast friends.
then a few months after i met ty, teryn flew me out from alabama to visit ty in utah for conference weekend - which inevitably led us to where we are now - married for 3 years! i didn't even know teryn at the time, but he has blessed my life tremendously and for that i am eternally grateful.

funerals really get me thinking. thinking about all the things i want to say and do before i leave this earth. all the things i need to make right. all the people i need to call, visit or help. i hope i can live up to teryn's example and make every moment count. i am definitely grateful to know my Father's plan for me though! to know this life is not the end. there is hope, there is life after death and i know i will see teryn again. to that great day, i look forward to with faith.

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  1. thanks for that message Em, it helped a lot, but now you made me cry! Camill


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